(gentle music) – Hey you guys, it’s Dana, and it’s time to talk about money. And I have a special video for you guys, kind of off schedule here, but I really wanted to talk about the goal of getting out of debt and why perhaps you should not share that with too many people. So let’s talk about that. (machine register dings) Okay, so I’m really into goals, as you probably know if
you watch my channel. As we get closer to the
beginning of the new year you might be thinking about setting goals. I feel very strongly
about writing down goals on a weekly or daily basis. It’s really important to
helping you stay on track, helping you to achieve those goals, helping you stay focused. If you do not focus on things, then it is not going to occur. You really need to focus on them and I think writing down your goals is incredibly helpful,
incredibly important. However, there’s certain times that I think it’s not a
good idea to share goals. So I talk a lot about how one of the steps I believe to getting out of
debt is to make it be known. You have to tell somebody of your goal of getting out of debt. Hopefully you have your partner or your accountability partner or a small group of people within your close-knit
group of family and friends, people that you share with, and tell them, you declare that you are
working on this goal. Because if you don’t tell anybody at all, if you just keep it to yourself, it’s too easy to not follow through. And when you tell your family and friends or your partner, you’re
working on it together, when you tell them that you have a goal and you say, “I’m working on this,” or say, “I’m trying to lose 10 pounds.” They’ll look at you and
be like, “That’s great. “So what are you doing
to reach that goal?” Correct? They’re close family and friends, which means that they really
are going to expect you to take steps to reach that goal, then. However, if you, I’ve been a
YouTuber for eight years now, so I’ve had many goals
throughout those eight years, and I’ve actually noticed that when I go onto my YouTube channel and I publicly declare
I’m going to do whatever, I’m gonna lose weight this
year, or I’m gonna write a book, if I declare something
that I’m going to do and I say it in my channel,
lots of people watch it, or maybe I post it on social media, it’s as if, I post it out there and then those lots of people are saying, “Wow, that’s fantastic, great,
way to go, good for you.” And it actually gives me a sense of I’ve already accomplished the goal. And I was listening to a TED Talk and it was by, what’s his name? Derek Sivers. Derek Sivers has a TED Talk where he talks exactly about this, about how if you publicly state
your goal to too many people that your mind will feel as if you’ve already achieved the goal because you’ve said it out there. It’s almost like you have,
you’ve gotten the big win. People are celebrating, like, “Oh great!” as if you’ve already done it. And the studies have
shown you’re less likely to reach that goal.
(machine humming) “So the mind mistakes the
talking for the doing,” that’s what Derek Sivers
says in his TED Talk. So I would suggest not posting
your goal on social media. Or if you discuss your life
on YouTube, like I do, or did, a lot of times you need to
be aware that by sharing it it could lower your chances
of reaching that goal. And I highly suggest, like I said, having an accountability partner, telling people really close to you, your immediate circle
of friends and family. But when you publicly state
stuff, it’s less likely. So that actually is now what I do. So I do not publicly
talk about certain things because I am fearful I
will not reach it, okay? So with financial goals
and certain things that I, and once it’s met then I feel
as if I can talk about it, but I don’t want to give myself a sense, give me the big win, ’cause I feel like I will not
work as hard, push as hard, I’m not really gonna go
after it like I would if I’d publicly discussed it. So yeah, think about maybe not sharing so much about your goal
in this next coming year if you do new year’s
goals or what have you, and see if it makes a difference in whether or not you reach it. Because I believe once new year’s hits and people make new year’s resolutions, I think there’s some crazy percentage, I’ll have to look it up, of people that just
quit it within a month. It’s ridiculous how fast
people already drop out of their goals or their
resolutions, correct? So try not to be that
person this next year, and maybe don’t share it
publicly on social media. Just with a couple people who
will give you the eye ball, the stink eye, if you don’t reach it, and ask you what actionable
items are you really gonna do to reach that goal, all right? Okay, so that is the video for today. I hope it helped you to
think about it a little bit. And I will talk to you next week. I’m here every single week
talking all about money, and we are a family of six
living in the Philadelphia area, and I’ll talk to you soon, bye guys.