♪ Bymaster Bankruptcy, makes it easy to file bankrutpcy ♪ Bankruptcies stop lawsuits, if you have a lawsuit and you’re afraid it’s too late, don’t worry, you still have options. Receiving a lawsuit in the mail can be a very stressful situation. You know that it’s only a matter of time before that develops into a garnishment or a freeze in your bank account, or something else where they can collect money against you. Well, don’t be stressed out about that. If you have a lawsuit and especially other debts that are a little bit overwhelming, go ahead and set a consultation at our office because bankruptcies do stop lawsuits, and there are other options besides bankruptcy. Don’t stress out about the lawsuits and don’t go into a situation blindly. Make sure to set a consultation with our office so that you can go over your options, you don’t necessarily have to file bankruptcy to deal with a lawsuit and you’ll have all the options when you give our office a call. ♪ Bymaster Bankruptcy has everything! ♪