Withdrawing support
for the Kurds is going to lead
to a genocide. And that is my concern.
And I beg you to do the right thing
in insuring that the Kurds have protection.
If the war starts, like if Turkey gets into
northern Syria, it’s not going to be limited
by just– with Syria. The Kurds in Turkey,
the Kurds in– everywhere in the world,
they’re not going to just watch everything
silently. It’s just– the war
is going to spread out just like in the
Turkish part of Kurdistan, in the Iraqi part of Kurdistan,
and we’re not going to watch Turkey just like
do whatever they want. And we want the United States
government, especially the President, to think wisely
and to review his decisions, and to make a wise
decision that will help the region and just
will bring peace, not chaos and more
casualties, more deaths, more pain.