okay yesterday which was talking about
people who are against obama care that actually benefit from obama care wendell
potter author of deadly spin has been a guest on this show multiple times a fantastic article on huffington post
and he actually talks about mary brown mary brown gave her name the national federation of independent
business lost a lot to the national federation of
independent business filed the lawsuit arguing that obama
care was unconstitutional and the n_f_i_b_ regal center said mary brown firmly believes that no one
should have the right to tell her she has to use their own money to pay for
health insurance well it turns out that brown shuddered her business and
filed for personal bankruptcy and among her death were forty five hundred dollars in
medical bills more than three thousand of that was owed to the bay medical center in
panama city the rest of the doctors all over a the
the south florida alabama mississippi so what is the n_f_i_b_ do they scramble
to find someone else who was a declaring bankruptcy with medical bills the say i am going to fight that use my name to
file this lawsuit this is a perfect example now let’s be
clear brown claims that the medical bills themselves were not the reason for
filing uh… for bankruptcy it’s at least part of it because one of
her debts that she couldn’t pay was for medical bills right it’s people like this to have decided
not to buy coverage who still end up getting segregating injured then they
seek medical care then they don’t have the money to pay
for the services of already been provided now with an i_o_u_ we talk about debt we talk about fiscal
conservatism in this country what about this nobody’s talking about
the conservatives who refused to buy health care because if they’re right and then end up getting these uh… a
debt but keep the the debt accumulates and they owe the money this is the same
two this is this is proprietor ladies and gentlemen and now mary brown who soon to get rid of obama care would probably have been in much better
shape an obama here been in place at the time absolutely i’m sure it i’m sure freeze scoured the
country we would find hundreds of examples if not more uh… of of situations like this its
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