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deftab720 pardpardeftab720sl360 f0fs26 cf0 Hi, I’m Ed from Wright. What
you see here is one of the greatest hazards in commercial mowing. Right here, we have
a slope, we have changing conditions, and we have water. Sometimes you may also have
a retaining wall or a drop off of some sort. These conditions are very dangerous. Especially
if you’re on a mid-mount Z that doesn’t have a rollbar or a seatbelt. A rollbar or seatbelt
certainly helps, but what’s even better is if you’re on a mower that you’re able to get
off of. The Stander offers that benefit. So changing conditions right up here, we have
soil that’s a little bit sandy with a tough turf. Coming right down this slope right here,
the ground gets immediately really wet and almost muddy. If you’re not watching out for
those conditions, you could lose control of the machine. As always, experience is important,
but never rely on experience because you could also be over-confident. Always be sure to
stay away from these hazards as far as possible. Don’t put yourself at risk. At the end of
the day, you want to be able to go home to your family and not just get the slope mowed.
Let me show you a few pointers on the mower and how to best handle conditions like this.
Right here we have a Stander X, 52 inch. This is a pretty stable machine on hillsides. One
thing that is important is that you never want to make a downhill turn. If you take
a downhill turn and the conditions are a little bit wet or unexpected, then you could lose
control of the machine. You always want to travel slowly and make uphill turns. So I’m
mowing along like this. I lean and my body weight is over the upper tire. I’m gonna turn
and lean up then shift my weight to the left side. I’m going to cut across this way. Again,
I’m going to lean uphill then lean to the otherside up here. If I make a downhill turn,
then I’m going to slide and lose control of the machine. Now coming across a slope we’re
going to pick up a little speed here and show you why it’s good to have a stand-on machine
where you can easily bail out. So here it goes. So in a situation like that, you want
to shut off the engine and carefully recover it. You really don’t want to be stuck to a
machine in a situation like that. Hopefully that helps you get the jobs that you need
to get done, safely. f1fs24