Hey guys welcome back to the channel. In case you’re wondering, I’m taking cough medicine so my voice may sound a little bit off key
today. Anyways onto the video. So as you can tell from the title, Bald and
Bankrupt tried to have my video removed. He contacted Youtube, and put a privacy and defamation complaint against my main video. It got blocked in the United Kingdom. This is a clear attempt at censorship. Bald and Bankrupt doesn’t believe in free
speech and wants to silence the truth. Why else would he try to have a video with minimal views from a tiny channel removed. If the allegations are groundless, and there is no evidence, then no one’s going to believe them. And my videos will get no traction. And if the allegations are easily countered, then he can show evidence on his channel, if he wishes. It’s not like he doesn’t have a platform. The guy literally has over a million subscribers. My channel presently has less than 100. So he can easily prove the truth in an open and fair arena, where he has a decided overwhelming advantage. So why is he so desperate to prevent people seeing my video. What is he afraid of people finding out? Well, mainly it provides evidence which links Bald and Bankrupt to an alter ego that wrote extensively on the Roosh V pickup artist forum. Namely Vorkuta, which he later changed to The Fantasist. And then later on, the Ligurian, which he
later changed to Perulover12. The similarities connecting Bald to the forum poster are too many to be ignored. The poster on those forums is also British, bald and jewish. He also spent exactly 4 years in India running a guesthouse like Bald and Bankrupt. Furthermore the forum poster also happens to speak broken Hindi and decent Russian. How many people do you know who do that, apart from Bald and Bankrupt. The forum poster had also visited the same exact former soviet union countries that Bald features in his videos, such as Belarus and Moldova. Before Bald made his video on Moldova it was the country with the least tourist visitors in all of Europe. Not only that, but the forum poster traveled to the exact same second and third tier cities in those countries such as Gomel and Babruisk. Add to this the forum poster’s mode of transport, speech, use of certain phrases etcetera, matches Ben’s to a tee. He has the same fascination with the word Soviet, too. And he lives in, or near, the same town of
Brighton in the United Kingdom as Bald and Bankrupt. And happens to be the same exact height, 6 foot three. And he is the same exact age as Bald and Bankrupt, being born in 1974. The author also has a Russian ex wife and a young daughter. And they both moved to southern France after the divorce. Then we have his report of a rape trial that matches one reported in the Daily Mail, which involved an individual named Ben Rich. A lot of pure coincidences, I guess. It is now obvious that Bald and Bankrupt is very desperate to prevent people from finding out about these writings. Why? Well, let’s just say this dude has more
skeletons in his closet than Jeffrey Dahmer. They don’t paint him in a good light, to
put it mildly. Let’s have a look at some of his most infamous posts. Highlights. Amongst the most notorious posts was Ben’s re-telling of how he exploited a poor Belarusian hitchhiker. He gleefully recounts how he forced her to give him a bee jay for six dollars in the irradiated woods at nightfall. This was in one of Belarus most poverty stricken
towns, so it’s especially sordid how he preyed on the misery of an already suffering population. Another post told about how he and another forum member tag teamed a married Russian woman on a train, whilst her husband was sleeping. He also mentioned a case where he brought a drunk local Ukrainian to his hotel room. She could barely walk but that didn’t stop
him taking full advantage of her. Even recording photos and video of her as
she was being used. Another post mentions his deflowering of an 18 year old virgin. He said she was very naive and had never had
a boyfriend before. Despite this, and what he describes as her immense pain, he ploughed through anyway. What a trooper! He even admitted his plan was to dump her soon after the act.. In other posts, he showed how Machiavellian he was. Detailing how he exploits poor local men,
and even elderly babushkas, in the former soviet countries. He would purposely deceive them into thinking he was their friend in his quest for sexual access to their local women. Once he’d achieved his end he avoided them like the plague, even saying he lies about having left the towns to cut off all contact. I haven’t even gone into his sick depiction
of the Brighton rape trial and his accuser. He displays his utter callousness to a woman who had suffered a potentially life altering ordeal. And there is much more decadent episodes that he recounts about his exploits around the poorest areas of Russia and the Ukraine which he consistently refers to as ‘shit holes’. This is in contrast to his videos, where he
puts on a false air of respect and reverence for the people and their countries. But I’ll delve more in-depth into his writings in future videos. In this video I just wanted to keep you up
to date on the new developments, with his attempt to censor and silence the channel, as they unfold. As usual links to the forum posts will be
left below, in the video description. Please subscribe as this is the only channel where you’ll get the behind the scenes looks into this guy’s character, and what he wants to hide from the public eye. Thanks for watching and Jai Bhole Ki for now.