Good morning! My name is Lorena Saedi and
I’m the Managing Partner here at Saedi Law Group I want to do a quick video in
regards to your 341 hearing what to expect and what to make sure you bring
with you. First of all I’m sitting in the parking lot about thirty minutes before
the hearing and I would advise you if you’ve never been downtown make sure
that you get to your hearing at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time also
you want to make sure you’ve got your photo ID and proof of your social
security number that can be either the original card or it can be a w-2 or a
1099 you cannot use a tax return so please, please, please bring a w-2 the
actual card or a 1099 otherwise your herring is going to get reset and you’re
gonna have to come back and we don’t want that to happen the other thing you
need to remember is you’re going into a federal building so you cannot bring any
kind of a camera so most of us have cameras on our phones so leave your
telephone in the car otherwise the security guards you’re just gonna send
you back you got to put it back in your car and it’s just a painting it could
even make you late for your hearing the most important thing to remember is to
relax get here early you’ll be able to watch some of the other hearings in your
hearing room and that should actually let you know really how the process is
going to go and what kind of questions of Trustee is going to ask you there are
no TWIC trick questions in this process you simply just need to be honest so
just make sure um if you’ve got any questions check in with us a few days
before your hearing and we’ll be happy to go over anything with you but just
make sure that you’ve you’ve got your notice in the mail from the court you
know where you’re supposed to be and when you’re supposed to be if you ever
have any questions about any of this you can always call the office or you can
email me or any staff member thanks so much!